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It is a fact of life that some business will thrive and prosper while others will stumble and fall. For more than 20 years Hart Shaw’s Business Recovery & Insolvency team have been helping Limited Company’s, businesses, and Individuals to recover from their financial problems.

The key to success for any business in trouble is to seek professional advice sooner rather than later. We work closely with referring accountants and solicitors to develop a bespoke solution to their clients needs, whether it is a formal insolvency procedure or an informal restructuring without the need for a formal procedure.

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How We Can Help You

The best way you can serve a troubled client is to help them survive. The client keeps their business and you keep your client. Our principal aim is to help you achieve this.

If your client fails, you stand to loose unpaid fees and WIP. We can help you avoid this.

Your client remains your client. We will work closely with you and keep you informed throughout the rescue process.

We offer specialist advice to you and you clients at any time and at no cost, either in person or by telephone / email. We are happy to be a resource that you can tap into at any time so that you can help your clients.

We will give you and your client’s honest, impartial advice which may or may not lead to work for us. We are often able to help a business without taking an appointment simply by advising on the circumstances and so allowing the director / business owner to make the necessary business decisions without undue risk.

We know the value of a client relationship and we won’t let you down. We will treat your client with the respect that they are entitled to and which you and they would expect.

On any case that you refer we will always seek your assistance with the preparation of statement of affairs, cash flow forecasts and tax work.

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